Route Services

Creating commercially viable and secure installation routes for cables, umbilicals and pipelines

Our cable route services team deliver everything required to enable a project to begin as envisaged as well as ensuring the long-term safety and security of a subsea system, right from the very initial planning stages.

A cable, umbilical or pipeline route desk top study (DTS) or FEED study is a key part of this; properly executed, a DTS should detail all the influences on cable route safety and provide sound engineering solutions for the environment encountered. It should also specify the amounts of submarine cable and the plant required to build the system.

The DTS provides a technical reference for the entire project and throughout the life of the system, detailing factors likely to influence all subsequent activities, from survey through to installation, and then throughout the system’s operations and maintenance lifecycle.

As outlined in the results of a DTS, our permitting department will subsequently assist in obtaining any consents, licences, permits or other permissions, specific to national and local legislations which are required to begin work in any given region. These are often numerous and vary in complexity, and something, which if not completed correctly and in a timely manner, can have costly delays and negative commercial impacts to projects.


The cable, umbilical or pipeline route survey involves a dedicated marine hydrographic survey using the route created during the DTS, confirming the route’s suitability and gathering the detailed information which enables the final route engineering to be undertaken.

Using the most advanced geophysical survey tools and equipment including echosounders, side scan sonar, sub bottom profilers and magnetometers, we are able to determine the nature and topology of the seabed. By undertaking a geotechnical survey campaign we then take samples to determine the geotechnical properties of the seabed. This enables us to optimise the cable route and recommend burial and cable protection measures to be taken. Our knowledge of how to plan and engineer for the practical aspects of a shore end or a connection to an offshore platform results in a better system solution for our customers.

Global Marine Group’s GeoCable™ software product is an industry-leading Geographical Information System (GIS) developed internally specifically to meet the needs of the subsea cable industry, with access to over 2 million kilometres of as-laid cable data. GeoCable™ is available to buy as an off-the-shelf package or as a bespoke solution designed to meet individual customer needs.


  • Desk top & FEED studies
  • Permitting
  • Route survey
  • Geocable GIS with unparalleled cable route and fault records
  • Decades of installation and maintenance experience with the latest software to provide a highly professional route engineering service
  • Charting services
  • Cable records services that takes on the burden of data management on your behalf

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