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Global Offshore can deliver cost effective, flexible solutions using cutting edge technology for subsea balance of plant to meet customer requirements

Through our invested partnership with Rovco, the world’s leading provider of ROV and hydrographic surveys using 3D and AI, Global Offshore provide advancements to the offshore renewables and oil & gas industries through the continuous improvement of available and future-proofed digital technology.

Our invested partnership minimises risk to offshore personnel, through smarter ways of working, reducing the amount of time spent offshore.

Additionally, we provide optimised state of the art live 3D vision technology to acquire accurate, high quality data, delivered from a fleet of multi-purpose vessels and ROVs using highly experienced personnel.

Together, Global Offshore and Rovco empower clients with an improved understanding of subsea assets, supporting industry behaviour change, to make timely, informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Utilising trend analysis, we can identify likely faults on subsea structures, as well as within the internal environments.

Applying our intelligence to support pre-emptive asset maintenance and fault prediction, ensures effective asset management and maximised integrity, providing clients with peace of mind.

We offer a proactive approach to digital data management, utilising already deployed vessels to optimise existing offshore operations, maximise resource and add value to projects.

We have strategically located vessels, and technical knowledge, to deliver global subsea solutions, responding rapidly to meet client needs.

As part of the Global Marine Group, Global Offshore has a legacy of successful project delivery across multiple markets; continually evolving subsea solutions utilising engineering excellence and transferrable cross-market knowledge.

Our Key Capabilities:

  • Seabed scour survey
  • Subsea marine growth survey
  • Subsea screening inspection of primary and secondary steelwork
  • Subsea close inspection of primary and secondary steelwork
  • Cathodic protection potential survey
  • Detailed anode survey
  • Close visual inspection of the grouted connections
  • Inspection of the cable protection and route system
  • Inspection of Innovative Cable Protection System (Tektube)
  • Inspection of the J-tubes, cable protection and route system
  • Geophysical survey of the array cables corridor
  • Geophysical survey of the export cables corridor