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A selection of our worldwide projects, demonstrating our industry leading services


Phase 1 of the Rampion project consisted of cable loading transport and installation of 60 infield array cables with a total length of 75km.

The project included all engineering, planning and project management associated with the work. Global Symphony carried out the cable loading from the cable manufacturer in the North East of England and transported the cables from the factory to the wind farm where the cables were installed. This included fitting cable protection systems into wind farm foundations and securing the cables on the wind turbine foundations ready for termination.

Following the cable lay, the 60 cables were trenched using the Q1400 trencher with its mechanical cutting tool, to a depth of 800mm in particularly hard seabeds consisting of clays chalks and flints. Phase 1 was carried out on time, according to plan and within budget.

This work was awarded as follow on work from the successful campaigns on Eon Humber Gateway.


In the redevelopment of BP’s ETAP oil field the Q1400 trenched and buried the Machar replacement umbilical. Global Offshore carried out all engineering and planning for the umbilical burial, with soil analysis needed to ascertain the best burial method as more sands and very hard clays were expected in this part of the Central North Sea.

Trenching plans and procedures were developed, and both cutting and jetting methods were used also utilising the Q1400 deck transfer system in order to give the most cost effective burial solution for the project.

With an overall length of 35km the Q1400 was used in jetting mode for c. 21km while the cutting tool of Q1400 was used for c. 14km. A total of four areas were initially trenched using the Q1400 cutting tool with one switch over from cutting to jetting after which the remainder of the umbilical was trenched using the jetting system. The entire project was completed within 24 days.


Customer: Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Vessel: Global Symphony

ROV: Q1400

Location: Orkney Isles

Activity: Power cable repair

Year: 2018

Duration: 4 weeks

Global Offshore was awarded a cable repair/replacement project by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) for the Shapinsay to Stronsay power cable fault. The fault occurred just as the Global Symphony was finishing the Rousay to Westray cable replacement scheduled project.

Responding quickly, the Global Offshore team carried out planning and contract negotiation simultaneously, which enabled the replacement to be conducted within just four weeks of the cable fault being identified.


> Cable loadout

> Pre-lay survey

> Route planning

> Shore landings

> Cable installation

> Cable jointing

> Rock bag installation

> Post burial survey

The ability of the team to respond to a cable fault and repair it within a four week window cemented customer relationships and ensured on-going electricity provision to the remote Orkney Isles


Customer: Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Vessel: Global Symphony

ROV: Q1400

Location: Orkney Isles

Activity: Power cable replacement

Year: 2018

Duration: 29 days

Global Offshore entered into a six year framework agreement in 2017 with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

SSEN are responsible for 111 submarine cables which supply electricity to 59 Scottish Islands, totalling 454km in length. It has been identified that 91km of cable will need replacing before the end of the contract period.

Global Offshore was awarded first contract under the framework agreement ahead of industry competitor VBMS. The requirement required the installation and commission of a new electricity cable between Rousay and Westray in the Orkney Isles. The new 10.5km cable was installed as part of SSEN’s ongoing electricity distribution subsea cable replacement programme and replaced the existing 35-year-old cable which was coming to the end of its operational life.


> Route engineering

> Pre-lay & post lay surveys

> Pre-lay mattressing for 1 crossing

> Surface lay cable installation

> Post lay burial (2 km)

> Post lay rock bag placement

> Shore ends pull in

> Cable testing


Vessel: Global Symphony

ROV: Q1400

Location: North Sea

Activity: Array cable installation & burial – a turnkey solution

Year: 2018

The cable installation and trenching team on board the Global Symphony were contracted to complete the lay and burial of 36 inter array cables on the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm being constructed 45km from the island of Borkum in the German North Sea.

During her maiden charter for the Group, the Global Symphony was mobilised with the Q1400 trenching ROV, configured in jet trenching mode for this project.

The team buried the 36 cables to minimum depths of one metre, providing stability and long term cable security.

The project guarantees customer Tideway, protection of the cables for the lifetime of the wind farm, mitigating against costly future threats to downtime and production.

The arrival of the Global Symphony on site allowed the Group’s two project delivery teams the opportunity to work seamlessly together to deliver both the cable installations as well as cable pull-in services for all 66 offshore wind turbines and one offshore substation.

The project demonstrates the Group’s breadth of complementary services and skills.

The company has installed 857 inter array cables and conducted 891 cable pull-ins since the inception of the offshore wind industry.


Client: Grupo Cobra

Vessel: Global Symphony

ROV: Q1400

Location: Northern North Sea

Activity: 18km export cable installation

Year: 2018

The installation of the first offshore floating windfarm in Scotland required significant pre and onsite engineering expertise brought to the project by our dedicated in-house resource

The installation of the 18km export cable was completed by the team on board the highly versatile Global Symphony and marks the completion and connection of the first turbine on the 50MW Kincardine site.

The overall project involved pre-installation surveys, grapnel work, installation, including the use of a dynamic riser to allow for movement of the platform, and trenching of the 18km export cable from Cove to the floating turbine, located just off the coast of Aberdeen.

Our responsive, in-house engineering expertise and project management, allowed us to quickly react, meeting the customer’s project timelines to complete the project in just a few weeks. This marks the sixth successful project completed by the Global Symphony in 2018, all of which have received significant client feedback and satisfaction.

Future developments at the Kincardine site include the installation of six additional turbines over two campaigns in 2019 and 2020. Floating technology allows for sites in deeper water, opening up the market opportunities in Europe even further.


Ongoing monitoring at DanTysk Wind Farm identified that the cable protection systems (CPS) were failing, subsequently contributing to cable damage which in turn significantly increased the risk of cable failure.

With a wealth of experience in power cable repairs and replacements at offshore wind farms, Global Offshore, part of the Global Marine Group, was the clear choice to carry out the replacement of seven 33kV inter-array cables totalling 7km.

The overall project involved cable disconnection, removal, deburial, and recovery, and the installation, burial, pull-in and termination and testing of the seven replacement cables.

Contracted through Vattenfall’s pre-arranged Fast Response Plan, Global Offshore was able to provide their client with a turnkey solution including provision of highly experienced personnel, specialist assets and cable repair ships. This full turnkey package is part of Global Offshore’s Complete Cable Care service.

The project was successfully completed within four months, despite poor weather conditions over the Winter period.