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Fixed Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is the world’s fastest growing energy source, outpacing other renewable and conventional energy sources.

The UK government initiative to bring all greenhouse emissions to net zero by 2050 is a huge driver for the increasing emphasis and importance of offshore renewables, which will form a huge part of the solution to the challenge.

The UK has taken a lead role in the development of key low-carbon technologies and has become the largest market for offshore wind in the world, driving down costs through deployment and innovation. Meeting this ambitious target could see increased electrification within things such as transport and heating, and therefore according to a report published by the Committee on Climate Change, a doubling of electricity demand, with all power produced from low-carbon sources compared to 50% today. That could require 75 GW of offshore wind in 2050 requiring 7,500 turbines, compared to 8 GW today and 30 GW targeted by the Government’s sector deal by 2030.

We’ve been delivering projects in offshore wind since the conception of the industry. Our teams within the Group installed the inter array cables at the UK’s first offshore wind farm Blyth in 2000, then installed cables at Horns Rev in 2002, which was Europe’s first wind farm, and in 2004 installed the cables at the Kentish Flats the UK’s first commercial wind farm.

Whilst offshore wind is maturing in the UK and Europe, learning lessons from other sectors including the oil & gas and energy industries particularly, markets in geographical locations such as Taiwan and the US are just beginning to emerge. Global Marine Group continue to utilise Group assets, engineering expertise and successful project delivery to convert its extensive experience and lessons learnt in Europe into local solutions as a catalyst to support growth and success within those emerging markets.

In Taiwan specifically we have a joint venture with Taiwanese survey company IOVTEC – CWind Taiwan – who are tackling both construction and maintenance projects in offshore wind, as well as building a growing knowledge and skill base locally via the brand new training school there to ensure the use of local talent.

The US is also set to be a huge new market where Global Offshore will partner with local organisations to ensure that we can utilise the best of our knowledge, whilst up-skilling local talent in these new careers.

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