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Offshore Renewables

Innovative cable installation, trenching and repair solutions.

Delivering projects at offshore wind farms since the conception of the industry

Global Offshore, and the wider Global Marine Group, has been involved in the offshore energy sector since the conception of the industry and continues to deliver a wide variety of innovative cable installation, trenching and repair solutions.

Our colleagues installed the cables for the UK’s first commercial wind farm at the Kentish Flats, as well as Europe’s first at Horns Rev.

It is acknowledged across the industry the importance of engineering a subsea solution that lasts and it is unanimously agreed that investment at the early stage of a project can protect against unexpected cost to owners and insurers in the future.

Reliable proactive maintenance, as well as prompt repairs and responses to prevent cable failures, are vital to prevent rising costs for wind farm owners and operators. Currently, nine companies entrust their inter-array and export cables under Global Offshore’s Complete Cable Care offering.

From a strategically located base in Aberdeen, Global Offshore has developed a reputation as a trusted partner with many clients returning following successfully executed projects. These long-standing relationships have been forged through flexibility and an understanding of the client’s needs.

Our knowledge from FEED and desk top studies through route and project engineering completed by our sister company, OceanIQ, maximises cable protection for the life of an offshore energy project.

We have a strong track record of successful cable installation, repair, maintenance, trenching and burial projects with experience in more than 30 offshore wind farm projects including Wikinger, Lincs, Gwynt y Môr, Humber Gateway and Rampion.

Fixed Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is the world’s fastest growing energy source, outpacing other renewable and conventional energy sources.

Floating Offshore Wind

80% of the world’s best wind resources are located in vast areas of deep, open water, such as the North Sea which is why floating turbines and technology could prove to be critical in unlocking the most potential from renewable power offshore.