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Keeping the Power on in a Crisis

Thursday 14th May 2020

This is an excerpt of a longer in-depth article featured on Global Marine’s website. To read the whole piece, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

As has often been remarked in the past few weeks and months, we are living through unprecedented times – in uncharted waters with little to no idea of when we might see land again. Even as ideas about an ‘exit strategy’ start to emerge from the UK Government, there is no saying when life as we know it will return to normal. To facilitate our ‘new normal’, access to reliable power, telecommunications and the internet is critical – which is where we come in.

Whilst the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have been numerous – from so many tragically losing their lives, to businesses struggling to cope, to vast swathes of the population being confined to their homes – it’s important to consider those that are continuing to work and provide support so the rest of us can live in relative safety. Those that spring to mind are doctors and nurses, supermarket workers, public transport operators, and so many more. And whilst we applaud each of these individually, we want to shine a light on the work that our teams are doing to ensure that homes across the UK are warm and lit during this period of crisis.

How Global Offshore keeps the power on

It may seem obvious, though rarely considered, that a lot of the UK’s power is supplied through subsea cables which are connected to offshore generators. This includes oil and gas rigs as well as renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms.

As you might expect, as an island nation, we’re more dependent than most on these underwater power cables, and therefore need to ensure they are well-maintained and repaired. The importance of these cables should be clear, especially in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, as any faults in the system could adversely impact power transference – to cities, to homes, to hospitals – which could have dire consequences.

At Global Offshore, we’re involved in almost all the aspects that ensure a steady supply of energy through the subsea cable network. Throughout our years of operation, we have installed over 850 cables for the oil, gas, and renewable markets, and continue to maintain and repair many more. We have also been involved in operations at more than50 wind farmsacross Europe, connecting the UK with greener, renewable energy. The work we do in cable installation and maintenance ensures that the power stays on.

Increasing speed and efficiency

With so many people across the country relying on power during lockdown, it’s more important than ever that any faults in subsea cables are spotted quickly and effectively dealt with.  

Our Complete Cable Care Solution is one way to avoid any unnecessary downtime. By offering our customers framework agreements with pre-engineered solutions, we can carry out unplanned repairs and maintenance on seabed cables as quickly as possible – reducing the risk of power shortages for the UK and protecting energy developers from unexpected disruptions. Whilst our aim is to reduce downtime for operators regardless of the circumstance, it is particularly important during the coronavirus outbreak; we can restore power in less time, and minimise any negative impacts from faults. This keeps the power running and the lights on for everyone across the country.

Want to find out how the entire Global Marine Group is keeping the world on during lockdown?

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