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Inspiring a future seafarer

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Our vessel, the Global Symphony, has been alongside in Blyth for the last few weeks where she has been spotted on their daily walks by Sophie, aged 9, and her family.

Sophie was really interested to find out more about the vessel so got in touch with us to ask some really great questions which we thought were worth sharing with other budding seafarers. Scotty, our OIM (Offshore Installation Manager) onboard was kind enough to reply to the questions and, since a visit for a tour of the vessel isn’t possible at the moment, to share some photos of the inside of the ship with Sophie so she could see what it was really like.

What does the ship do? I think it is something to do with oil rigs that my Grandad Dave used to work on. 

That’s right, we often work close to the oil rigs that your Grandad used to work on. We may even have worked close to the actual oil rig your grandad worked on. Our next job is going to be at an oil rig called the Edvard Grieg in Norway. Edvard Grieg was a famous Norwegian who was very good at playing the piano. We will use the underwater robots called ROV’s to bury the cables and umbilicals between the oil rigs.

My sister thought the yellow things on the side were slides! But what are they and what do they do? 

Your sister is very close, we call the yellow slide’s ‘chutes’ same as you get in the playpark. However, ours are called ‘cable chutes’ and are used for helping us to lay cables under the water.

What is the furthest place the ship has been? 

The ship has been to Libya in North Africa, and it took us nearly 1 week to get there from Aberdeen.  

Does it really have a cinema and gyms? Do you watch movies?

Yes, it does have a gym, a place that I should visit more often. It does also have an actual cinema and we can watch movies in it. The only thing the cinema is missing is a popcorn machine, but we have some microwave popcorn in the galley so it’s not all bad.

My 5 year old brother would like to know what food people eat while at sea?

We eat lots of different foods onboard. We have lots of different people from different countries and everyone likes different food so we offer different choices, we also get cakes and ice cream but we aren’t allowed any dessert until the Captain see’s that we have eaten our all our vegetables.

A man waved hello one morning from the deck. Are you in lockdown on the boat? Can you leave?

Yes, we are locked down at the minute, we are allowed on the quayside to check the boats mooring ropes and make sure everything is ok. It’s a shame as if the vessel hadn’t been locked down I’m sure the Captain would have allowed you a visit to see the cinema all for yourself.

We’ve seen a photo from above, do helicopters land on the circle?

Yes, helicopters land on the front. I’ve sent a picture of the helicopter sitting on the front

We arranged for the vessel to sound its horn as Sophie was walking by which the whole family loved, and since then, we’ve heard from Sophie’s Mum that she has been tracking the ships location with interest and doing more research into thing such as, what does a knot mean.

And as a thank you, Sophie has written us a lovely limerick and shared some of her photos and a drawing of the Global Symphony.

The Global Symphony

There was once a ship called Global Symphony,
She installs power cables for offshore industries,
You don’t need to wear your swimsuits,
With help from her yellow chutes,
Connecting turbines to produce electricity.