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ROVCO | Innovative partnerships providing solutions to client problems

October 2019

Global Marine Group has strengthened its subsea services through a partnership with Rovco, to expand its expertise and services to clients.

Through our invested partnership with Rovco, the world’s leading provider of ROV and hydrographic surveys using 3D and AI, Global Offshore provide advancements to the offshore renewables and oil & gas industries through the continuous improvement of available and future-proofed digital technology.

We offer a proactive approach to digital data management, utilising already deployed vessels to optimise existing offshore operations, maximise resource and add value to projects.

We have strategically located vessels, and technical knowledge, to deliver global subsea solutions, responding rapidly to meet client needs.

Partnership Profile – Rovco

Strengthening Subsea Services Through Joint Partnerships

The Global Marine Group has always looked to create partnership with key organisations to strengthen and expand it expertise and services to clients.

Recently Global Marine Group formed an invested partnership with Rovco, the Bristol and Aberdeen based remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and hydrographic services business.

The partnership sees both companies working together to deliver a range of efficient, high-quality subsea solutions. It ensures that GMG and Rovco can continually evolve client-centric subsea solutions, by utilising a combination of innovation and engineering excellence, to deliver a greater range of services to enhance customers’ operations.

What will the Partnership Offer Customers?

Giving customers a greater understanding of their subsea assets will help them to make timely and informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.
By utilising trend analysis, likely faults on subsea structures as well as within the internal environments, can be identified. Then by applying intelligence to support pre-emptive asset maintenance and fault prediction, effective asset management and maximised integrity can be ensured.

In addition, digital data management using already deployed vessels will optimise existing offshore operations and resources, and add value to projects.

New Projects and Services

Rovco’s latest development, SubSLAM, replaces standard video inspection with live 3D reconstruction technology, to obtain an accurate picture of subsea assets and environments.

SubSLAM enhances the accuracy and repeatability of subsea inspection, producing submillimetric data, and providing actionable information that reduces human error.

Also, by leveraging existing and active GMG vessels, the partnership also streamlines multiple services and optimises current offshore operations to drive down costs and increase efficiencies. The mutually-beneficial partnership is enabling both Rovco and GMG to serve a wider range of customers beyond their established industries.

Rovco and BMG recently completed trials at the London Array offshore wind farm where they undertook test site inspections of the subsea bell mouth.  The test was a success and has opened up further opportunities for Rovco and GMG in the future.





Typical Competitor


Point to Point Accuracy


+-  0.07%


+-  2.3mm


Total Noise (1?)


+-  0.67mm


+-  1.7mm


Error over 1m


+-  4.0mm


+-  4.0mm


Scan Time 2mins, (mobile ROV, 1.2m visibility) 2hrs, stationary multiple scans, in air/good visibility

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ROVCO | Innovative partnerships providing solutions to client problems

Global Marine Group has strengthened its subsea services through a partnership with Rovco, to expand its expertise and services to clients.