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Why choose Global Offshore?

Global Offshore provides comprehensive power cable installation, repair and trenching services to the offshore renewables, utilities and oil & gas markets. Our highly experienced, respected project engineering and project management teams ensure that, even whilst working in the harshest of seas and most challenging of seabed condition, projects are delivered successfully.

Taking the next steps in cable laying

The Pre-lay Plough reduces the cost of offshore wind by minimising the operational risk and the time required to install subsea cables. The system offers unrivalled single pass capability delivering boulder clearance and pre-trenching up to 1.7m in a single run, leaving a boulder cleared swathe and a ‘backfill-ready’ open trench with segregated spoil.

Complete Cable Care

Your risk reduction & repair partner. Rapid mobilisation to minimise system downtime and loss of revenue

Pre-project planning & cable installation

A total solution from route engineering, project engineering through to the installation phase

Cable Trenching

Trenching expertise delivered by capable assets and teams

Project Management

Supporting the whole life of a subsea cable project

Project Engineering

From early stage initial concept planning through to final delivery

Our assets

Cable installation vessels and subsea trenching assets at your service